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Skier LіtеСаgе for Вlасkmаgіс Design Місrо Саmеrа

  • Custom-fit cage for BlackMagic Micro Cameras
  • Compatible with Micro Cinema Camera (BMMCC) and Micro Studio Camera (BMMSC)
  • Numerous threads on the cage allow easy mounting of accessories
  • HDMI lockport on the side (removable)
  • Tripod mounting possible
  • Metal hot shoe adapter on top of cage
  • Gives space for focus and zoom control on BMMSC when using rods


The Skier LіtеСаgе for Вlасkmаgіс Design Місrо Саmеrа is a custom-fit, compact and extremely robust camera cage for the small BlackMagic Micro Cinema Camera (BMMCC) and Micro Studio Camera (BMMSC).

The Cage makes an ideal exo-skeleton for this camera, whether you use the Micro Cinema or Micro Studio Camera. Both cameras fit perfectly into the cage. The cage is fixed with a total of three screws, one at the top and two at the bottom. Thus, the camera sits really bombproof in the cage, without any chance to twist.

In addition to various connection threads, the cage also offers a metal hot shoe adapter. This allows you to mount a microphone directly on top of the camera, which is very practical if you want to use the Micro as an action camera with good image and sound. The hot shoe can also be unscrewed, just like the HDMI lock port on the side, which can be used to fix the HDMI cable to prevent damage to the HDMI socket.

In the Case
  • Skier LіtеСаgе
  • Cold shoe mount (with hex & Phillips screw)
  • HDMI lockport (with 2x hex screw, 2x washer, thumb screw)
  • 3x Phillips screw
  • 2x hex key
  • Bag

Dimensions (LxWxH): approx. 110 x 85 x 90mm
Weight: approx. 310g