Wireless Quiz Buzzer

  • Easy to use buzzer system
  • No cables needed
  • Built in battery with 8 runtime
  • Use individual colors
  • Windows software included


The Wireless Quiz Buzzer by “die ideealisten” is an expandable system that does not require cumbersome cabling thanks to the built-in Li-ion battery.

The buzzers are connected to the PC via WLAN, which controls the “Quizmaster” software included with the buzzer. In the Windows software all active quiz buzzer are displayed. The following settings can be made

  • Change the team colors
  • Changing the team names
  • Changing the sound when the buzzer is pressed

Once you have asked a question, you press Start round. A song will sound and players will have time to think of the answer. The first player to press the buzzer gets to say the answer. The buzzer that is pressed lights up and flashes, while the other buzzers light up darkly.

The quizmaster also sees on the screen which buzzer was pressed. All other buzzers are locked at this moment, which means that only one buzzer can be pressed at a time. If more than one person presses the buzzer “at the same time”, the system decides which buzzer is the fastest (to the nearest hundredth).

The quizmaster can then either confirm or reject the answer, which increases the player’s points or not.

In the Case
  • Wireless Quiz Buzzer
  • Charging adapter
  • USB Stick with windows software
Battery runtime 8 hours
Number of possible buzzer in a system Up to 4
Height 106 cm
Weight 5.8 kg