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Ambient Clockit Master Slate ACD101

  • Accurate timecode generator
  • Supports all frame rates
  • Adjustable TC offset (+/- 7 frames)
  • Uses 6 standard AA batteries


The ambient compact clockit Master Slate is a state of the art time code clapper containing a software based timecode generator and reader. The generator is driven by a very accurate crystal oscillator giving better than 1 ppm accuracy which is a maximum drift of one frame per day. The slate is compatible with other clockit units or jam synced to external Timecode. The slate can be used as a stand alone unit where its accuracy will be better than most of the units it is set by, or as part of a clockit driven system where the overall accuracy of all clockit units can be further tuned by the clockit Controller to give a system accuracy of better than 1 ppm. When used with ACN compatible lockits, we recommend having a dedicated ACN lockit on the slate in receiver mode.

The slate can function as a reader of external timecode and its display can be retarded or advanced 7 Frames. The display has seven different brightness levels which can be set by push button. The slate’s internal generator can be jam synced with ext timecode or set by hand. In the hand setting mode the user bits can be changed as in changing camera roll number without stopping the time. In other words once the time of day and date has been set it is good for all day.

When using the display intermittently as in normal clapping mode the slate can run for several days on one set of batteries.

In the Case
  • Ambient Clockit Master Slate ACD101
  • External slate extension
  • TC-IO cable
  • Manual
  • Hard case