Ambient QXS550-CCMI Boom Pole

  • Lightweight carbon fiber material
  • Internal XLR cable
  • Length: 50-195cm
  • Weight: 532g


The QXS550 was specifically designed for documentary and ENG booming work. The 5 segments effectively delivering a better collapsed to extended ratio. This enables easy transportation while providing long lengths when needed. The QXS550 pull-braiding carbon fiber tubes with a 1mm wall thickness archieves light-weight with highdurability properties. The boompole features a coiled cable flow-through system with a bottom outlet that prevents cable entanglement.

Selected Materials

While all mechanical parts are machined out of aircraft aluminum, the 3/8″ thread is made out of solid stainless steel to survive thousands of microphone changes.
Internal soft felt bushings ensure rattle free operation and no seizing by dirt or humidity. With an effective shielding and a polyurethane insulation, these durable cables provide excellent endurance while maintaining flexibility even in temperatures as low as -40° C (-40° F).

In the Case
  • Ambient QXS550-CCMI Boom Pole
  • Ambient quicklock
  • quicklock threaded tip
  • BC50 transport case

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Material Carbon fiber tubes, 1 mm thick
Aircraft aluminum mechanical parts
Stainless steel 3/8″-16 threads
Sections 5
Minimum Length 50 cm ( 1.6′)
Maximum Length 195 cm (6.4′)
Connector 3-pin XLR, mono
Temperature (Ambient Minimum) -40°C (-40°F)
Load Capacity Not specified by the manufacturer
Weight 445 g (15.7 oz)