Aputure Lantern Softbox

  • 66cm diameter
  • Fast and easy setup and teardown
  • Perfect for Overhead Use and Ambient Lighting
  • Includes Skirt to Control Light Radius
  • Absorbs 1 Stop, 270° Beam Spread
  • Fits on any Bowens mount


Designed for light weight and portability, the Aputure Lantern Softbox 66cm is compatible with any LED light with a Bowens front accessory mount as the Aputure 120D II, LS 300D II and LS 300X Bi-Color.The Softbox is designed for overhead use or to increase ambient lighting. It has high omnidirectional light quality to illuminate the entire room and diffuses the light flash in all directions with a 270° beam angle.

The Lantern comes with a fully adjustable light control skirt which can be placed in any position to precisely control the soft light.

In the Case
  • Aputure Lantern Softbox
  • Light Control Skirt
  • Carrying bag
Shape Circular
Interior Color White (Translucent)
Accepts Grids No
Removable Front Face No
Removable Interior Baffle No
Light Loss 1 Stop
Material Fabric
Rectangular Dimensions W: 650.0 x H: 650.0 x D: 560.0 mm (Open)
Weight 2.76 kg (6.09 lb)