Aputure Light Dome Mini II Softbox 55cm

  • 55cm diameter
  • Fast and easy setup and teardown
  • Perfect for interviews
  • Includes several strengths of diffusion and a 40° grid net
  • Includes a gel holder
  • Fits on any Bowens mount


Designed for light weight and portability, the Aputure Light Dome Mini II Softbox 55cm is compatible with any LED light with a Bowens front accessory mount as the Aputure 120D II, LS 300D and LS 300D II.

The Softbox offers a high versatility. It has a deflector, a front diffuser and a honeycomb. There is also a holder for colour filters. All these components can be used individually or combined, resulting in different light characteristics.

Thanks to its hexagonal shape, the Softbox delivers almost perfectly round catchlights. And with a diameter of 56 cm and a depth of 25 cm, the Softbox is perfect for use in confined spaces.

In the Case
  • Aputure Light Dome Mini II
  • Bowens mount
  • Original pouch
  • Diffusor + prediffusor (gold/silver)
  • Grid net
  • Gel holder
  • Original bag