ARRI Cforce Plus Motor Unit

  • Works Directly with ALEXA 35, ALEXA Mini & cmotion
  • Daisy-Chain Up to 3 x Motors
  • Strong LBUS Lens-Control Motor
  • Multiple Mounting Options Available


ARRI’s cforce Plus Motor is a strong, LBUS-connected motor used to remotely control your lens’s focus, iris, or zoom function. With more torque than its cforce Mini cousin, the cforce Plus has the power to control any standard lens quickly and smoothly.

Directly compatible with ARRI ALEXA 35 and ALEXA Mini cameras as well as cmotion units, the cforce Plus Motor can be paired with an AMC-1 or UMC-4 controller when working with other ARRI or third-party cameras. Up to three cforce Plus Motors may be daisy-chained together, saving the space and weight of individual controllers in your camera rig.

In the Case

  • K2.0006354 motor
  • K2.0006176 clamp 19mm
  • 15mm clamp adapter
  • K2.0009335 0.8 gear
  • Hard case



Connector 2 x 4-pin LBUS
Torque 0.7 Nm constant
1 Nm maximum peak (at motor axis)
Speed 210 teeth per second (60-tooth gear, 3.5 R/s)
Supply Voltage 12 to 34 VDC
Maximum Power Consumption 32 W (peak)
Operating Temperature -4 to 122°F (-20 to 50°C)
Dimensions Without Gear & Bracket:
5.1 x 3.5 x 1.1″ (130 x 89.1 x 28.8 mm)
Weight With Gear & Bracket:
11.5 oz (325 g)