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Camtree G-51 Camera Gripper Campod Suction Car Mount

  • Mounts onto Almost Any Vehicle Surface
  • Up to 10kg Capacity While Moving
  • Up to 20kg Static Load Capacity
  • Articulating Legs with Ball Head Joints
  • For Car Roof, Windshield, Side, or Hood
  • 1/4″-20 & 3/8″-16 Camera Screws


The Camtree G-51 Camera Gripper Campod Suction Car Mount comes equipped with 3 Industrial Grade Suction Cups that lends the entire system immense stability and sturdiness even when moving at high speeds.

Quick, Easy and Hassle-Free

The G-51 Suction Cup system saves time and still is super sturdy. The suction cups have a Quick-Lock Mechanism that helps in getting the suction cups hooked to the surface with the flick of a finger. The Ball Joints on all attachments lets you adjust the entire system according to the surface within seconds and all this without the use of any tools.

Comes with all Necessary Safety Accessoires

The G-51 Suction Cup System comes with Ratchet Ropes to create safety lines and provide an additional layer of safety to the entire system. We always recommend the use of these safety lines to provide an additional layer of security and stability to the setup.

In the Case
  • 3x suction cup with quick lock lever system and dust covers
  • 1x camera mount hub
  • 6×6″ extension rods
  • 3×3″ extension rods
  • 6x ball tilt heads
  • 2x safety wires
  • 2x C-hook
  • 6x wing screws
  • Pouch including: 1/4″-20 camera screw, 3/8″-16 camera screw, 2x flat washers for camera screws, 2x hex keys, 2x round hooks, 3x shanks for gripper cups
  • Hard case
Load Capacity Moving: 10 kg/ 22 lb
Static: 20 kg/ 44 lb
Maximum Speed 40 kmh (25 mph)
Camera Mounting Screws 1/4″-20, 3/8″-16