cmotion cPRO Lens Control System + 2x Motor

  • Ready-to-use wireless focus kit
  • Compact and ergonomic manual control unit
  • Fast access to system settings
  • Lens motor with 0.8-gear and built-in RF module


The Cmotion cPRO Motor Kit consist of an ergonomic and intuitive cPRO hand unit paired with a cPRO motor – all equipped with the latest cmotion RF module.

The LBUS interface not only allows the system to be expanded by simply connecting cforce mini / cforce plus motors for up to 3 axis control, but also accessories such as cmotion’s cfinder III to enable fast pinpoint autofocus.

Hand Unit

The cPRO hand unit is the wireless hand-held control unit of the cPRO lens control system. Setting new standards in ergonomics and design, the cPRO hand unit is comfortable to use, robust and well balanced.

The intuitive capacitive touch display menu, thumb wheel and user assignable buttons provide quick access to some of cPRO‘s unique functions and features while the selectable and adjustable back-lighting makes cPRO ideal for environments from bright sunlight to total darkness. Several mounting points have also been included to offer well balanced solutions for monitors etc.

cPRO Motor

The cPRO motor is a brand new super fast RF motor based on the popular and compact cforce mini. Incorporating the wireless module into the mo- tor eliminates the need for a big bulky motor box which helps reduce both weight and cost. Through the LBUS connector, 2 cforce motors can be con- nected in daisy-chain for a full 3 axis system while the new CAM connector (Le 5+2p) offers a versatile interface for power and camera control.

In the Case
  • Hand unit (with blank focus ring and iris strip)
  • 2x Motor with 0.8 gear
  • Rod clamp (with 19 > 15mm reduction)
  • 0.5 gear
  • cStrap
  • Monitor bracket
  • belt loop (vlock plate+ball head 1/4″-thread)
  • vlock-kit (miniclamp + vlock plate)
  • 3x battery
  • Vlock plate
  • Pre-marked iris strip T1.0
  • Pre-marked focus ring metric set (5 pieces)
  • 2x LPS-7 (LBUS > D-Tap) cable
  • LPS-1 cable
  • CAM-LBUS cable
  • CAM-EXT cable
  • CAM > LCS cable
  • CAM > REM (Sony) cable
  • CAM > RED control cable
  • CAM > CAM extension
  • 2x antenna standard
  • 2x antenna short
  • 1x antenna long
  • Client card
  • Battery charger
  • USB charger
  • USB > micro USB cable
  • HEX Key
  • Cmotion soft bag
  • Shoulder strap
  • Cmotion travel case

Gear Ratios: 0.8, # Teeth:40

Focus Knob:

Handheld Wireless – Up to 4-Axis, with round 1.22″ capacitive touch TFT display

 Mechanical Options:

1 x Motor – (2) Buttons control: RF channel selection, scale selection, motor calibration, system information

Electronic Options:



Record Run/Stop – ARRI, Red, Panavision, Sony, Black Magic, Canon

2 x External Antenna – (1) Hand Unit, (1) Motor

Controls Include:

Knob, Slider, Joystick, Thumb Wheel, (9) Buttons – (6) soft buttons, (3) pre-assigned


cPRO motor / cforce / cforce mini / cforce plus

Fastening Tools – CLM-5 / cforce mini / cPRO motor Clamp Console 19/15mm [Motor]

LBUS devices – steady zoom, pan-bar zoom, cfinder III, LCUBE, Master Grips


Input Voltage:

10.5-35V – [Motor]


RF Notes:

14 x Wireless Channels – cmotion red RF

Wireless Range:

Up to 2,296 – 3,280 feet – 700-1000m (depending on region setting)

Wireless Frequency:

2.4 GHz


Battery Mount Type:

Sony – NP-FM500H

Output Voltage:

7.2 V

mAh Rating:

2040 mAh


Cable Length:

2.6′ – 0.8m

Cable Type:


Cable Side A:

LBUS – LEMO 4-pin

Cable Side B:


Cable Shape:

Flat / Straight


Output Connector/Port:

1 x LBUS – LEMO 4-pin [Hand Unit & Motor]

1 x LEMO 7-pin – Le 5+2p (CAM) [Motor]

Input Connector/Port:

1 x USB – Firmware Update, Save Settings [Hand Unit]