cmotion cvolution 2 Motor Wireless Lens Control System

  • Ready to use wireless lens control system
  • cdispayII & cvolution zoom unit included
  • Create, save, and display lens data
  • Set torque, direction, and ramping of motor
  • Automatic motor calibration
  • Compatible with all lens gears


This ready to use cmotion cvolution 2 Motor Wireless Lens Control Systemset offers a professional wireless focus and iris control solution for any camera on either 15mm or 19mm support systems. The compact and lightweight camin 3M can drive up to 3 regular motors and / or up to 3 cforce motors.The hand unit comes with an advanced focus knob and an iris slider. The advanced knob offers torque adjustment, mechanical limits, back-lit maker ring illumination and mechanical lock. All compatible in either right or left handed configurations. The internal display and simple interface provides quick and easy wireless access to system settings within the camin motor box.

The unique ergonomic and modular design allows the cvolution hand unit to be configured with a basic or advanced focus knob, up to 3 slider modules and a detachable pressure sensitive zoom control unit.

The cvolution camin range can recognise and control most popular digital servo motors in the market, while the ‘white RF’ hand unit can also communicate directly with ARRI Alexa Plus cameras.

The included cdisplay II allows full remote control of your lens data, even with live video overlay transmitted from the camera.

For distance measurement you can use our high performance laser cfinder. Of course the cvolution system is also compatible with other distance measurement tools, such as ARRI`s UDM, cinetape or the MK3 Wards Sniper of Focus Technologies LLC.

In the Case
  • cvolution hand unit with focus wheel and iris control
  • cvolution camin 2M with V-Loc
  • cvolution zoom unit
  • cdisplay II (in bag) + mounting bracket with cine lock
  • 2x Heden M21VE motor with 19mm clamp + 19>15mm reducer
  • 2x 0.4 gears, 2x 0.5 gears, 2x 0.6 gears, 2x 0.8 gears
  • 2x Chrosziel 19mm > 15mm offset bracket with rod & reducer
  • RRS-7 D-Tap male > Fisher 3p female cable
  • CCB-8 C-Bus cable 0.5m coiled
  • RRS-1 cable 0.8m
  • CCB-6 90° Lemo > Lemo C-Bus cable 1.5m
  • CCB-1 C-Bus cable 0.8m
  • 2x CHM-2 90° Lemo > Lemo motor cable 0.8m
  • 10x marking disk
  • Mini clamp with V-lock
  • 3x programmable RFID lens identifyer chips
  • 2x antenna
  • 3x battery
  • 1x charger + AC power cable
  • 1x hex key No. 4
  • Neck strap
  • Hard case