Filmwerk Flarestick Set

  • Set of 5 Flaresticks
  • Create unique effects
  • Specialy designed high quality chrystals
  • Developed by DOPs


Create unique lense flare effects for your photo and video production. There are many ways to add flares in post, but there’s no substitute for achieving this organic effect in-camera with the Filmwerk Flarestick Set.

Flaresticks have been developed by DoPs so the filmmaker doesn’t have to use flea market substitutes such as used crystals, glass fragments and cellophane gels anymore.

With the help of a 20 cm long transparent stick, this only for this purpose desgined shaped glass body can easily be placed in front of the camera lens and into the desired position. You can quickly create the desired blurring and reflection effects and the intensity while moving the Flaresticks.

In the Case
  • Fat Lady Flarestick
  • Fairy’s Favorite Flarestick
  • Pixiedust Flarestick
  • Magic Wand Flarestick
  • The Ball Flarestick
  • Hard case
  • fine facet cut and round shape for glamour/beauty shots
  • Produces fine flare almost glittery effect with a flashlight
Fat Lady
  • biggest crystal they have, for less defined glitter effect
Fairy’s Favourite
  • produces an impressive, beautifully detailed radiation effect
  • Can be used without a flashlight
  • ideally suited to create partial blurring, soft areas in the frame
Magic Wand
  • flat in his shape to cover a larger area in the frame with a relatively small and light cut
  • Cut is not as fine as that of Pixiedust and Fairies Favorite, but can render beautiful flare effects in combination with a flashlight
  • Can be used for partial blurring
The Ball
  • Get loads of flares when used with a flashlight