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FloatCam Dolly Crane HD Slider

  • Allows camera sliding in multiple angles
  • Functions as a mini-jib arm
  • Transforms into a 2m tower
  • Positive-locking adjustment
  • Counterbalance mechanism
  • Motion control upgradeable
  • For camera systems up to 32kg


This heavy duty dolly crane can handle large cameras like the ARRI Alexa XT, RED Epic W or Panasonic VariCam without compromising stability, performance and, of course, creativity. It’s an innovative grip system combining the function of Mini Jib and slider.


By utilizing a movable counterweight, the camera can be tracked up to 160 cm. The slider rail can be set at almost any angle (max. 60 degrees plus exact vertical 90 degrees movement) and with the counterweight system, the camera can be moved up and down the slider with minimal effort.

Mini Jib

In the Mini Jib mode, the DollyCrane HD operates a working diameter of 160 cm on the horizontal. You can tilt, pan and move the camera 360 degrees around the base tripod. The counterbalance system is locked to ensure unvarying movements through the full range of the jib arm’s capabilities.


With the simple removal and repositioning of two handles, the DollyCrane HD becomes a tower allowing for an exact vertical camera move through the full range of the 160cm track. The counterbalance system maintains a steady resistance to camera moves reducing the possibilities of irregular movements during the start or finish of a camera move.

Have a look at the manual for setup instructions.

In the Large Case
  • FloatCam Dolly Crane HD Slider
  • 2x floor legs + screw
  • Jib arm rod
  • Standard plate with 6 screws
  • Oconnor 1030 plate
  • 3/8″ adapter for standard plate
  • 3 hex screws
  • Hex key
  • 6x Philips head screws
  • Philips head screwdriver
  • WD 40 spray
  • Manual
In the Small Case
  • slider platform 150mm bowl + tie down
  • 10x 2,5kg weight
  • 4x 1,25kg weight
  • 2x 0.5kg weight
  • 2x 0.25kg weight
  • 2x 0.125kg weight
  • L-Plate with 4x 1/4″ and 2x 3/8″ screw
  • 2x vertical adapter + screw
  • 4x weight lock nut
  • 4x end protector ball
  • 13mm wrench
  • 2x M12 adjustable handles

Find your suitable motion control here


Rail length: 190cm (75″)
Tracking length: 150cm (59″)
Max Payload: 32kg (70lbs)
Rail weight: 18kg (39lbs)
Fulcrum weight: 6kg (13lbs)
Counterweights: 32kg (70lbs)
Mounting standards: flat plate mount (3/8″ stud)
Tripod attachement: 150mm/Mitchell

Mini Jib

Max height: 250cm (98″) – with tripd 150cm (59″)
Vertical movement ragen: 134cm (53″)
Max payload: 32kg (70lbs)
Pan angle: 260 degrees
Tilt angle: 120 degrees


Max height: 200cm (79″)
Tracking length: 150cm (59″)
Max payload: 32kg (70lbs)