PicoGear PicoMic 2 Pro Dual Wireless Microphone System

  • Ultra compact 2 channel wireless audio system
  • 20h battery life
  • 200m range
  • Ultra-low noise mic
  • Built-in limiter
  • Remote power-on & control


The PicoGear PicoMic Dual Wireless Microphone System includes the smallest wireless microphone on the market. The super-easy to use receiver comes with a large LCD screen and clear menus.

Ultra Fast Connection

WAV/SYNC connection is made automatically when the PicoMic is removed from the receiver, and the connection time is <2s.

Adaptive 200m Range

WAV/SYNC determines the distance between the devices and dynamically updates the radio power up to 50mW, allowing a line-of-sight range of up to 200m and top-notch coexistance with other wireless devices.

Multi-Microphone Support

WAV/SYNC allows multiple microphones to be connected at the same time and guarantees an audio synchronization between the microphones <1µs.

In the Case
  • PicoGear wireless long-range receiver
  • 2x PicoMic 2 Pro
  • 2x 3.5mm TRS to PicoMic audio cable
  • 2x clip-on windshield
  • 20cm TRS cable
  • 20cm TRRS cable
  • 3.5mm mini jack > XLR cable summed 1m
  • 3.5mm mini jack > 2x XLRM cable 1m
  • USB A > micro USB cable
  • Apple TRRS > Lightning adapter
  • Rode TRRS > TRS adapter
  • AC charging adapter,
  • cold shoe mount adapter with 2 nuts
  • cold shoe mount adapter with ball head
  • hard case
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PICOMIC 2 4.5″ x 2.4″ x 0.7″
115mm x 61mm x 17mm
Weight 110g
Power source Internal battery
External supply with micro-USB / power-bank compatible
Full charge time Approx. 2h
Battery life 20h – 30h (depending on number of devices connected)
Audio output types Audio 3.5mm jack – TRS + TRRS modes
Audio output impedance 220 ohms
Audio output modes TRRS mode
L channel: MIC1 – MIC2 – MIC1+2 – NONE
R channel: MIC1 – MIC2 – MIC1+2 – NONE
TRS mode 
Mono channel: MIC1 – MIC2 – MIC1+2 – NONE
Audio output gain -24dB to +24dB in 3dB steps
Headphones output 3.5mm jack audio output
Supported impedance: any between 10ohms and 100ohms
VU-meter display RMS and PEAK values between -40dB and 0dB
Display 2.4″ high-contrast IPS display
RECEIVER 1.7″ x 0.7″ x 0.28″
43mm x 17mm x 7mm
Weight 8.0g
Microphone type Omni-directional digital microphone
Audio sampling 24-bits @ 48kHz
AF frequency response 20Hz – 20000Hz (after high-pass filter)
Max. audio level 130dB SPL
Battery life 20h (<10m distance)
10h (worst-case @ 200m)
Full charge time Approx. 1h
Selectable gain -18dB to +12dB in 3dB steps
Audio limiter Threshold: -6dB
Attack time: 1ms
Release time: 200ms
External mic
(PRO version only)
Plug-in power: 3.3V @ 4.7kohms
Input type: MIC or LINE IN (depending on selected gain)
Selectable gain: -18dB to +12dB in 3dB steps
Hybrid analog + digital audio limiter
Enabled by: mic auto-detection or manual mode
Wireless system WAV/SYNC PicoGear System
2.4GHz worldwide license-free band
Adaptative high-speed frequency hopping with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth avoidance
RF power Auto-adaptative – up to 50mW (long-range version)
Audio latency < 1 frame @ 60FPS
Inter-mic latency < 1µs