Portable Tripod Dolly

  • Professional Studio Dolly takes 500kg
  • Durable Lightweight Design
  • Floor Wheels for Immense Smoothness
  • Compatible to Sachtler Tripod Systems


The Portable Tripod Dolly presents a simple, affordable way to put your tripod on wheels.The Dolly is designed for use with Heavy-duty tripods having twin spiked feet and offers an easy setup and weighing only 10.7kg.
Hi-grade Aluminum construction makes it durable enough to work with heavy setups with payload up to 500kg.

In the Case
  • Portable Tripod Dolly
  • 3x screw
  • 3x nut
  • 8x washer
  • Construction: Hi-grade Aluminum
  • Weighing Capacity: up to 500 kg / 1100 lb
  • Tripod Foot Compatibility: Twin Spiked Feet
  • Wheels: Diameter: 100mm x 32mm, Material: PU, Wheel Lock: Yes
  • Weight of Product: 10.7 kg / 23.5 lb