Prosup EJib Compact Camera Jib

  • Lightweight and stable construction
  • 80-120cm adjustable jib length
  • 15kg maximum payload
  • 102 degrees vertical movement
  • Over- and underslung operation
  • Fast and easy setup


The Prosup EJib Compact Camera Jib is an ergonomic jib, adjustable both front and rear of the jibs pivot point to make the unit easy to operate. It folds ergonomically for easy transport in a minimal size. Fits on every 100mm tripod.

The removable bowl could be assembled in both over- and underslung configuration for optimum camera position.

The Jib-arm folds down till 72 cm. and weighs no more than 11 kg. The counterweight spindle is made to adapt standard weightlifting weights with a diameter of 30 mm. or 1 inch.

Find your suitable tripods and fluid heads here.

In the Case
  • PS110 jib arm with 100mm bowl
  • Tie down
  • 3x Prosup screw with rubber buffer
  • Pan screw
  • 2x weight lock
  • 2.5 kg weight
  • 5 kg weight
  • Hard case