Qinematiq Image+ Gen1 Focus Tracking System

  • Revolutionary focusing tool perfect for complex focus racks
  • 3D camera system tracks the depth of the entire scene
  • Tap & track – very simple to use
  • Compatible with any lens that can be used with a focus motor
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Focusing film is an artistic, creative act. No algorithm can decide where the attention of the viewer should be directed at. The time and duration between the change of an subject from one focus level to the next subject determines the drama of the images.

Especially in moving situations, focusing can be difficult. Some recordings often have to be repeated until the focus is right. IMAGE+ is a measuring device that solves a multitude of problematic situations when focusing. IMAGE+ measures continuously and at the same time how far away different objects are from the camera and how they move in relation to the camera.

IMAGE+ was developed in cooperation with focus pullers and camera heads to meet the needs of the film set ideally.It has never been easier to work with depth of field.

It has never been easier to create a film look.

IMAGE+ the measuring instrument of a new generation


In the Case

  • measurement unit IMU-1
  • touch-PC TPC-1
  • display unit DPU-1
  • Betz lens motor
  • 0.4 lens gear
  • 0.5 lens gear
  • 0.6 lens gear
  • 0.8 lens gear
  • serial data cable
  • motor cable
  • ethernet cable
  • IMU-1 d-tap power cable
  • noga arm
  • AC adapter
  • hard case