Redrock MicroRemote Single Motor Wireless Lens Control System

  • Works with virtually all cameras and lenses
  • Automatic lens calibration (with manual calibration option)
  • All lenses map to an expansive 270 degrees of rotation
  • Powerful Redrock Torque motor works with both cinema and still lenses
  • Handwheel with adjustable hard stops
  • Fingerwheel can be added for operator control
  • Tethered or wireless modes
  • 2.4 GHz Radio for up to 1,5km range


The Redrock microRemote wireless lens control brings price-point and performance to professional-level focus control systems. This kit includes all the main components needed for controlling your focus wirelessly with precision and power. The microRemote is a universal focusing solution, and works on virtually every camera and lens. This is especially valuable as your needs and cameras evolve with each project or even with each shot.

Smooth Lens Control

The system maps any lens to its full 270 degrees of rotation, including DSLR lenses.  The smooth weighted focus wheel has an exceptional feel and offers adjustable hard stops. With the Redrock Torque Motor, you can attach this to any lens and camera combination: the microRemote is not limited to a specific camera body or lens type. The microRemote handheld wireless unit controls the motor via the basestation, and delivers precise and fast focus pulls previously only found in expensive high-end professional focus units.

Operator-controlled Focus & Advanced Features

This kit is also includes wired controller options. Just moun the fingerwheel controller and it’s ready to go for operator-controlled focus on a handheld rig, or as another control option for jibs and cranes. The microRemote Wireless Kit is lightweight, compact, and an exceptional value. The Basestation offers advanced features for automatic lens calibration or, if you use DSLR lenses with ‘infinite spinning’ focus rings, you can calibrate end stops manually. The basestation also provides centralized power to the motors and microTape.

Wireless or Tethered

The microRemote has the ability to use more than one type of controller: the wireless handheld, tethered (wired handheld) or fingerwheel. This kit contains all options. The microRemote can be used in any situation where it’s difficult to pull focus directly from the camera: steadicam, jib arms, cranes, or just to have some extra room. In situations where wireless may not be possible or allowed, the optional tethering cable wires the microRemote for direct, interference-free operation.

Have a look at the manual for further details of the system.

In the Case
  • Wireless handheld controller with strap
  • BicroRemote basestation
  • 2x antenna
  • Torque motor (incl. mod 0.8, rod clamp, 19 > 15 mm reduction)
  • MicroLensGear size A, B, C, D with short screw and 2 nuts each
  • 4 screws long for microLensGear
  • 2x illuminated marking disk
  • Marking pen
  • Universal fingerwheel controller
  • 22mm + 25mm rod clamp for fingerwheel controller
  • 0056 fingerwheel cable flexible
  • 0025 fingerwheel cable standard
  • 0053 motor cable flexible
  • 0011 motor cable standard
  • 0055 D-Tap power cable flexible
  • 0035 D-Tap power cable standard
  • PowerDOCK for powering your system with LP-E6 battery pack
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • 3x BongoTie
  • Manual
  • Hard case

Find the MicroTape Sonar Rangefinder here
Extend your cable length with the Direct Connect Tether Cable

Handheld Controller
  • 2.4 GHz Radio for up to 1,5km  range
  • Works with 2 AA batteries
  • Illuminated marking disk
  • Adjustable hard stop & focus indicator
  • 16 user-selectable channels
  • Tethered mode for wired control
  • Smooth, dampened focus wheel
Base Station
  • Basestation accepts 12-18 VDC
Torque Motor
  • Power: 12VDC – 18VDC
  • Dimensions: L: 88mm x W: 27mm x D: 47mm
  • Weight: 173 Grams
  • Connector: 7 Pin Size 0 Lemo Style
  • Drive Gear: 0.8 Pitch
  • Rod Clamp: 15mm/19mm
Fingerwheel Controller
  • 270 degrees of rotation
  • Made from lightweight aluminum
  • Black anodize finish
  • Weight: 230 Grams