Schulz Heavy Duty Short-Tripod HD-C 150

  • 150mm Base
  • Weight 6,2kg
  • Minimum Height: 32cm
  • Maximum Height: 50cm


SCHULZ HEAVY DUTY tripods are specially designed for heavy camera equipment. Made of aluminium and carbon fibre tubes, they are a reliable tool.
Equipped with a 150 mm diameter bowl, this tripod offers optimal stability and torsion resistance, especially thanks to the fact that the tripod legs can be tightened at the joints. The tripod legs therefore guarantee a secure hold everywhere: doweled into soft ground, on the ground spreader or the rubber feet in combination with the centre spreader.

Easy handling is important to ensure maximum effectiveness in daily use. SCHULZ HEAVY DUTY tripods have secure and easily adjustable clamping devices, while their functional design provides a practical overview of all operating functions.

In the Case
  • Schulz HeavyDuty Short-Tripod HD-C 150
  • Ground-level spreader
  • Tuffpak