Slidekamera Atlas Modular Drive

  • Motion control for Atlas Modular Slider
  • Controllable with AION IQ controller
  • Powered with V-Mount battery
  • Maximum speed of 0.4m/sec
  • Timelapse functionality
  • Works also upside down


The Atlas Modular Drive is simply attached to the slider cart of the Atlas Modular slider. Driven trough a toothed belt, the silent motor gives you the freedom to design your individual shots – even in critical noise environments. The easy assembling of the system guarantees a fast and uncomplicated working experience.

Motion Control and Timelaps Shots

The drive is designed to work horizontally with maximum speed 0,4m/sec. (driven trough a belt). The AION IQ controller in it’s intuitive setup, allows easy operation on the set. Additional to manual or automated movements for great video shots, it is equipped with a 2,5mm Trigger jack to connect all available Slidekamera WS shutter release cables for timelapse recording.

Power and Connectivity

The motor is powered by a V-Mount battery, which can be mounted directly to the slider car. The AION IQ controller is connected to the motor via the included RJ45 cable and will be powered trough PoE (power over ethernet). So there is no need of additional batteries.

Gimbal Mounting and Remote Control

The R/C interface on the drive allows the control of a gimbal and other products with a standard R/C protocol. Additional to the 3 axis (pan/roll/tilt), the movement of the slider cart can be easily controlled with the 4th channel of the remote. Please contact us for further options and informations.

Have a look at the manual for more details of the controller options.

In the Case
  • Atlas drive unit
  • AION IQ controller
  • 2m & 10m RJ45 cable
  • D-TAP power cable
  • AF-24 tripod mounting adapter
  • Mini magic arm
  • 3.2m & 10.2m toothed belt
  • 2x toothed belt fixing bracket mount
  • pocket pro-gaff tape for toothed belt
  • Manual
  • Hard Case

Find your suitable timelapse trigger cables here