Slidekamera X-Slider System

  • Lightweight allrounder in our slider product range
  • Suitable for 75mm and 100mm fluid heads
  • Includes Manfrotto Nitrotech N8 head (payload: 0-8kg)
  • Includes DC drive motor for smooth shots and timelapse production
  • Easy ground and tripod mounting options


The X-Slider is equipped with a specially designed cart that carries the camera along the track with extreme precision. The cart was designed based on high-quality components. This guarantees excellent smoothness and stability of motion. Three bearing rollers move along a specially designed aluminum rail which allows a maximum payload up to 20kg (8kg when using the included Nitrotech N8). The slider cart is also equipped with a level and a standstill brake, as well as a seamlessly adjustable damping unit. The brake is removable to make way for other accessories instead, for example: the included HDN DC drive.Our X-Slider System includes following options:

HDN DC drive for slider

Slidekamera HDN DC drive, dedicated to Slidekamera devices, is equipment specially designed for smooth shots in motion ranging from 2mm/s to 55mm/s as well as timelapse production. Quiet operation reduces the noises to the minimum, a must for interviews. Additionally, the device is very light, its weight does not exceed 1kg. The drive will be connected to the:


The AION α controller is equipped with a 2,5mm Trigger jack to connect all available Slidekamera WS shutter release cables. It can be powered by either the included AC adapter or three AA batteries. The drive controller is equipped with 1/4″ mounting thread that allows mounting on the tripod with the included magic arm and the AF-24 tripod mounting adapter, which can be mounted directly to the Slidekamera tripod. Please have a look at the manual for further details of the controller.

Side feet PRO

The “Quick Folding System” allows for quick and comfortable deployment of the sider’s feet on set, as well as an equally quick stow of the device for transport. Equipped with four high-quality steel joints, the springs inside the joints allow the setup of the feet in a proper position and protect the steel joints from excessive wear and tear. Adjustable rubber ball-shaped ends ensure precise positioning of the slider on the ground and protect it against slipping. The strong construction allows achieving high rigidity even with payloads up to 30kg.

Manfrotto Nitrotech N8

This fluid video head offers a continuous counterbalance system (0-8 Kg) with variable fluid pan & tilt drag system. Additional to the side lock plate attachment feature, there is a 3/8” easy link connector for accessories. The AK-101 sliding plate (which is already mounted on the flat base of the head) is what you need when it’s all about your fast shooting experience on the set.

In the Case

  • X-Slider 1500
  • 4x side feet PRO
  • Manfrotto Nitrotech N8 with pan arm & sliding plate AK-101
  • Slider Head (incl. AKC-3 quick release system, smart brake X with damping unit, 2x screws)
  • AF-15 extension adapter with HCZ-75/100mm socket and sliding plate AK-101
  • AION α motor & timelapse trigger/controller
  • AC adapter for AION α
  • HDN-ZN-2 drive motor with brake X
  • Slidekamera side lock plate with 1/4″ & 3/8″ screw
  • 3/8“ & M10 locking knob
  • HX 5 & HX 3 hex key
  • 2x Manfrotto 520 BALLSH 75mm half ball
  • 2x ProSup PS359 28mm Spigot
  • 4x eneloop pro battery in case
  • Kraftmax battery charger for eneloop pro incl. AC adapter
  • AF-24 tripod mounting adapter (incl. 3/8″ > 1/4″ reduction)
  • Mini magic arm
  • 1/4″ & 3/8″ spare screws
  • Manual
  • Soft carrying case
  • Hard Case

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Length of rail:




Width of rail:


Height adjustment range of side feet:

up to 180mm

Maximum width of side feet:



Smart Brake incl. Damping

Safety payload:

20kg (8kg with Nitrotech N8)

Lower ports:

Three AF-8 SH lower ports (mounting plates) with 3/8″ threaded holes

Cart mounting holes:

3/8″ threaded hole, four M4 mounting holes, two 1/4” holes

Bubble Level:

One bubble level on slider cart