Trebs Xtend & Climb 21163 Telescopic Ladder

  • Lightweight aluminum
  • Retracted length: 93 cm
  • Max. extended length: 320 cm
  • Collapsible to compact transport size
  • Non-slip feet
  • 11 rungs


Made of solid aluminum, the telescopic ladder 21163 is indispensable for everyday use for both amateur and professional craftsmen. Thanks to the non-slip feet, it can be used on both dry and wet surfaces.

When extending the ladder, the ratchet locks provide the necessary safety and at 150 kg load capacity it has no trouble even with heavy loads. Due to its size, it also fits perfectly in her car, camper or even caravan.

Working height up to 5 Meters

Fully unfolded, the ladder has a total length of 320 cm. This allows you to reach even higher working places without any problems. It can be fully or partially extended from approx. 93 cm to 320 cm in seconds.