DJI Force Pro

  • Wireless Long-Range Gimbal Controller
  • Compatible with Ronin-S & Other Gimbals
  • Supports 3rd-Party Gimbals via SBus
  • 3 Kilometers Distance; 10 ms Latency
  • Up to 5-Hour Operation


The DJI Force Pro is a compact controller that allows you to wirelessly control selected gimbals from up to 3 Kilometers away.

It also works with select third-party gimbals via an SBus connection. The Force Pro can be handheld or attached to a gimbal handlebar or tripod plate. It runs for up to five hours on the built-in battery and allows for pan, tilt and 3-axis speed adjustment. It operates on 2.4 and 5.8GHz frequencies and has a latency of just 10ms, so you’re synced to your gimbal in near real-time.


In the Case

  • DJI Force Pro
  • DJI wireless receiver
  • 4x antenna
  • Ronin 2 UART to D-Bus calbe
  • S-Bus Cable
  • DJI Master Wheels to Inspire 2 RC CAN Bus cable (5m)
  • wireless receiver CAN Bus calbe (0.8m)
  • USB-A >USB-C cable
  • RONIN2 Master Force L-Bracket R2-016 with 2x screw
  • 2x manual
Consumption 3 W
Voltage 3.85 V
Battery 4750 mAh/18.21Wh
Operating Temperature -10° to 55℃ (14° to 131℉)
Charging Temperature 0° to 45℃(32° to 113℉)
Battery Life 5 hours
Charging Current 2A
Charging Time 2.5 hours
DC IN 9 V-26 V