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DJI Transmission High-Gain Antenna Set

  • Increases signal strength up to 40%
  • 1.5m Extension cables included
  • Quad-antenna mounts with suction cup and ball adapter
  • Compatible with DJI Transmission Combo


The DJI Transmission High-Gain Antenna Set boosts your transmission signal of the DJI Transmission Combo.

The included antenna cables allow the antennas to be mounted remotely to ensure line-of-sight transmission. Our set also includes 2 different antenna mounting solutions, which, for example, bypasses the faraday cage of the car interior for a car-to-car transmission through the external mounting. With these mounting solutions, the antennas can be attached either by suction cup or with the ball adapter.

In the Case
  • 8x high-gain antenna
  • 8x antenna cable 1.5m
  • Antenna bracket with suction cup
  • Antenna bracket with ball
  • Sealed bag including: 8x nut, 8x snap ring, 8x locking ring
  • 2x EQC bag
Antenna Type Standard
Input/Output 8x Coaxial RP-SMA
Compatibility DJI Transmission Combo
Number of Antennas 8
Tilt Range Yes
Antenna Mounting Directly to Transmitter/Receiver or on Included Mounts
Dimensions H: 167.00 x W: 21.7 x D: 11.8 mm (H: 6.6 x W: 0.9 x D: 0.5″)
Weight 40 g (1.4 oz)