FoxUn 4 > 1 HDMI Quad Multi-Viewer & Seamless Switch

  • 4 x HDMI input, 1x HDMI output
  • Resolution up to 1080P / 60 Hz
  • 4 channel HDMI signal screen segmentation
  • Seamles 4 channel HDMI signal switching


The FoxUn 4 > 1 HDMI Quad Multi-Viewer & Seamless Switch supports four screen segmentation and non-disruptive switching.It can display 4 digital HD video signals on the same screen and has a large number of video segmentations that synchronously indicate the uninterrupted switching of the 4 HD input signals. The display options of the switch are flexible. It can be switched and controlled via buttons on the switch and via IR remote control.

In the Case
  • HDMI quad multi-viewer & seamless switch
  • Remote control
  • AC adapter
  • Manual
  • Spare battery
  • hard case

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