Slidekamera Atlas Modular Slider

  • 2 meter heavy weight star of our slider product family
  • Suitable for 100mm and 150mm fluid heads
  • Upside-down usability (for gimbals and other applications)
  • 0.8m and 1.2m section extensions for a total length of 10m!
  • Optional Motion Control Drive available
  • Adjustable ground and tripod mounting options


The Slidekamera Atlas Modular slider carries heavy film cameras such as RED Epic, ARRI Alexa Mini, Panasonic VariCam 35, or other professional products. Lightweight construction, modularity of the system and easy one person assembling/disassembling without the use of tools are the main goals of this slider. Each section is equipped with four adjustable feet, that easily and quickly fix to any surface.

Extreme Versatility

The total length of this slider is 2m. The available 0.8m and 1.2m section extensions allow a total slider length up to 10m. When working in small spaces, or when you simply need a short track for your camera, you can use only one of the included standard 0,8m or 1,2m rail section. Three tubular construction (truss) guarantees rigidity and strength of the set in all directions.

Atlas Modular Slider Cart

The trolley is equipped with 12 wheels, made of a specialy chosen rubber. The positioning of the wheels allows the cart to freely move, no matter of the slider position – horizontal, vertical, diagonal or even upside down. There is a permanent friction brake as well as an adjustable damping brake.
Equiped with 100/150mm alluminium half bowl sockets, distance pins to controll the elevation of the head, mouting plate 3/8”, magnetic grips for mounting optional accessories, magnetic bumpers, 3/8” and M10 mounts for various sockets, there should be no further wishes for a successful filming on the set.

Optional Drive with Motion Control

The optional available Atlas Modular Drive is designed to work horizontally with maximum speed 0,4m/sec. (driven trough a belt) and will be powered by a V-Mount battery, which can be mounted directly to the slider cart. The AION IQ controller is equipped with a 2,5mm Trigger jack to connect all available Slidekamera WS shutter release cables for timelapse recording.

Have a look at the manual for further details of the slider.

In the Case
  • Trolley with V-Mount bracket (incl. removable pin, brake and damping unit)
  • 0.8m & 1.2m section for a total length of 2m (incl. transport protectors)
  • 2x section bracket with magnetic damper
  • AF-15 extension adapter with 100mm and 150mm socket
  • Self-leveling disc with 3/8″ screw
  • 3/8“ & M10 locking knob
  • 2x 75mm half ball with 2x M10 locking knob
  • 2x ProSup PS359 28mm Spigot
  • 3x M5 screw
  • M5 hex key
  • Manual
  • Hard case

Book suitable tripods from 30-160cm or 70-130cm.
Click here for additional weight support up to 120cm.
and 1.2m section extensions up to a total length of 10m on stock! Find your motion control drive here

Length of rails:

0.8m rail section
1.2m rail section


0,8m rail section: 6kg
1,2m rail section: 8.5kg
cart: 3kg

Height adjustment range of side feet:

From 125mm to 140mm (ground to rail)

Width incl. adjustable side feet:



Smart Brake incl. Damping

Safety payload:


Rail mounting ports:

three mounting ports with 3/8″ holes per section
Six M5 mounting holes to attach the adapter
Four deepenings for M4 hex screws (Manfrotto spacing)

Cart mounting holes:

Two 3/8″ threaded holes, located on the top
Six 1/4″ threaded holes, located on both sides of the cart
Eight M6 holes for mounting accessories on the front and back of cart
Eight M6 mounting holes located on the inner side of wheel brackets.

Cart central port:

Aluminum socket for leveling half ball: 100/150mm
Flat adapter equipped with 1/4” or 3/8” thread and eight M4 threaded holes (Manfrotto standard) for attaching adapters with a mounting plate


Hard anodized aluminium